Creating two development environments#

At the end of this Tutorial, you will have two different TVM Projects to have two development environments.

Step by Step#

  1. Install the latest stable release of TVM.

    pip install git+
  2. Verify the installation.

    tvm --version
  3. Create a new project with TVM.

    tvm project init <project-name> <tutor-version>
    # For example:
    # tvm project init tvm-test v14.0.0
  4. Open the project folder.

    cd <project-name>
  5. Activate the project environment.

    source .tvm/bin/activate
  6. Run your project.

    tutor dev quickstart
  7. Stop your project.

    tutor dev stop
  8. Deactivate the project environment.

  9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 using the project-name and tutor-version you want.


You can have as many projects as you want, but you can’t have two projects with the same name and tutor version.

Next Steps#